We'll watch your home or condominium while you're away!

Home watching in Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte

Take the worry out of leaving your home with reliable home checks!


 We will check the interior and exterior of your residence to ensure nothing out of the ordinary has presented itself.  We are committed to delivering premier customer service and home safety.

Individualized Home Check Options


We provide a full consultation to review available options so you can choose the service that’s right for your home or condominium.  We strive not only  to meet your needs, but also to prevent potential problems

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed


We strive to save you both hassle and worry.  We will send pictures with updates weekly to ensure your property is safe and secure. 

What we check :

Interior and Exterior


-Check interior ceilings for water damage and leaks

-Inspect washer and dryer for leaks, pests, etc. 

-Check water heater for leaks

-Check for tripped circuit breakers

-Quick dishwasher run 

-Run water at all sinks, washer , and the disposal

-Bathroom inspection for shower and/or toilet leaks

-Check refrigerator and freezer temperatures

-Check thermostat settings

-Inspect windows and screens for damage/entry


- Check that  all windows and doors are locked and secure 

- Inspect AC unit

- Check pool pump for damage or leaks

- Check water softener for damage or leaks

- Visual inspection of gutters/ from ground level

- Visual inspection of roof/ from ground level

- Check for mail and newspapers or flyers and leave indoors

- Check boat, boat lift and dock if applicable

- Landscape check to ensure maintenance is being performed

                    ADDITIONAL SERVICES

- Water plants

- Add water to pool

- Power washing

- Hurricane shutter install/removal

- Run and  start boat/vehicles/golf carts

- Change light bulbs

- Gutter cleaning

- Trash hauling

- Replace intake air handler filters

- Lawn service **COMING SOON** 


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Home Watch

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Areas Served :

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Home Watch is a service provided by PG Home Services LLC.   Licensed and Insured.